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There are three routes to and from Big Bear Lake, CA. In the winter months, drivers may come across traction chain controls in the mountainous regions of California. It is advisable to keep snow chains or cables in your vehicle when traveling to Big Bear Lake during winter, as weather and road conditions can quickly and unpredictably change. Caltrans and California Highway Patrol reserve the right to prohibit any vehicle from entering a chain control area if it’s determined that traction devices do not meet CVC, Section 605 requirements.

Big Bear Mountain Resort does not install tire chains. A limited amount of snow chains will be sold at the Snow Valley Sport Shop. To guarantee chains or cables that fit your vehicle, visit your local auto parts store for tire chains availability and make sure you know how to install your traction devices before visiting BBMR to avoid delays when traveling to/from the mountains. For questions or concerns about road conditions, please contact the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) directly at 1-800-427-7623.

Hwy 330 fully closed Monday-Friday from 7AM-5PM until June 20. Take Hwy 18 through Running Springs or Lucerne Valley or Hwy 38.
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