This program gives sport shop employees the opportunity to purchase a discounted lift ticket at Big Bear Mountain Resort (BBMR). In turn, we ask our sport shops to display BBMR marketing collateral. Shop employees are asked to provide their customers with first-hand information about bike conditions, weather, and current promotions and events. We ask the shop staff to ride and engage with BBMR on Facebook and Instagram. We will reach out via email from time-to-time to ask for Sport Shop’s help pushing promotions through their social media channels as well.

Sport shop managers are required to register their shop online at least 14 days before employees want to come to the mountain in order for them to be eligible for discounted tickets. Please enter the required information below, and once submitted, we will follow up with an email covering all the details of the program. You only have to register your shop once this summer and you will be on the list for Snow Valley and Snow Summit Bike Parks for the entire 2024 summer season, WHAT A DEAL!

Our program is evolving like the rest of our company, so what may have qualified you in the past may no longer qualify you now. Membership is assessed based on current employment at bike related sport shops. History, prior professions or experience will not be taken into consideration. Sport shop employees are only allowed to purchase one ticket per day.

Details will be emailed after the sport shop is registered. To redeem, employees must visit bring their most recent paystub to any ticket window to receive the discounted rate.

The registration process takes up to 14 full business days to complete.

The Sport Shop Employee Discount Program is for registered retail shops and their employees only. BBMR will be closely monitoring ticket sales from the Sport Shop Program. Any Sport Shop employee found defrauding the program will be immediately and permanently expelled from BBMR. In addition, the entire Sport Shop for which the employee is registered will be removed from the Sport Shop Program permanently. One employee can ruin this program for everyone. Managers, please communicate this policy clearly to those employees who are planning to participate in this year's program.
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