Southern California's Best Hiking

Snow Summit's Hiking Trails are Listed as Big Bear Local's Favorite Things to Do
Big Bear Mountain Resort is home to some of Southern California’s best hiking, from leisurely mountaintop laps with picturesque lake views to an extensive network of Forest Service trails that are easily accessible from the Snow Summit and Bear Mountain base areas. Check out the Bobsled Trail for an enjoyable 2-mile top-to-bottom trek featuring breathtaking views of SoCal's tallest mountain, Mt. San Gorgonio (elevation 11,500 feet).
October - JuneClosed
June - OctoberMonday – Sunday, 8AM-5PM
Hiking trails are typically open to the public during summer operations from mid-May through October. Operating dates subject to change based on weather conditions and other extenuating circumstances.
Start in the base area at Snow Summit.
    • Trails
      Married couple hiking
      Bobsled Trail
      2 Miles

      Explore the all-new Bobsled Hiking Trail, a 2-mile footpath built by our Trail Crew in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service that traverses the forest canopy under Chair 1, with moderate incline/decline and panoramic views of the Big Bear Valley throughout the journey.
      Married couple hiking
      Mountain Top Loop
      1 Mile

      This trail is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a one-mile loop at the top of our resort that starts and ends at the View Haus.

      Although it is not quite as aggressive as the Bobsled Trail, it’s still considered an intermediate trail and we still recommend wearing proper aggressive tread footwear while hiking this trail. The views are spectacular and this trail is a particular favorite of families who visit our resort.
    • Tips

      Follow the Signs

      We've carefully placed white signs with blue text to guide you on your hike. Follow these signs to get you from start to finish on your day hike.

      Stay on Designated Trails

      Our trails are carefully planned out by our Park Crew to avoid any collisions with the Bike Park routes, and to be sure you're lead back to the base area of Snow Summit. It is important to stay on the marked trails. View trail map.

      Drink Plenty of Water

      Drink often to stay hydrated. Be sure to pack enough water for the day.

      Fuel Up

      Small snacks often will keep your energy level up. Pack a handful of bars with you just in case, but please be sure to keep the wrappers with you until you have access to a trash can.

      Prevent Sunburns

      Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns. We highly recommend bringing a hat, even on cloudy or cold days.

      Dress Comfortably

      Wear appropriate hiking/workout attire such as closed-toe shoes, sweat proof tops, stretchy pants or shorts, hats, and sunglasses.

      Check the Weather & Temps

      Before you start your hike, always be sure to check the weather and temperature to be sure you're prepared. We recommend starting your hike early. Temperatures are at its highest around 12:30PM - 3PM.

      Have the Trail Map at your Fingertips

      Download the BBMR mobile app to have the trail map and other features with you on your hike.
    Access to the trails are free and open to the public. The trails serve as a high-altitude oasis for visitors looking to escape Southern California’s sweltering summers before giving way to picturesque autumnal foliage in September and October. For guests who prefer to cruise, take a trip on the Scenic Sky Chair up to the top and ride or walk your way down back to the base area. Children ages 12 and under ride the Scenic Sky Chair free. Round-trip lift tickets or Lift + Lunch Packages are available.
    Summer scenic view of Big Bear
    SoCal's Best Hikes

    Hiking on the Bobsled Trail.

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    SoCal's Best Hikes

    Hiking on the Bobsled Trail.

    Asian family on Skychair amazed by the beautiful view. Asian family on Skychair amazed by the beautiful view.
    Scenic Sky Chair

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