Giving Back to Our Community

Big Bear Lake, California
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Whether you're looking for ways to give back to the community or support for an organization, Big Bear Mountain Resort offers a handful of ways to get involved.
    • Local Donations to our Community in the Big Bear Valley and Running Springs

      Big Bear Mountain Resort is proud to partner with local organizations that support health and human services, arts and cultural programs, as well as education, environmental and civic initiatives in local and regional communities. When considering charitable donation requests, BBMR prioritizes organizations and efforts that are most likely to enhance a community's cultural, environmental, and economic vitality and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Please note: Big Bear Mountain Resort is focused on donating locally within the Big Bear Valley and Running Springs.
      Big Bear Mountain Resort accepts donation requests for in-kind contributions. Limited resources necessitate that we focus our giving, and support is generally granted on a one-time basis. Must be located in the Big Bear Valley.
      • Provide support to charitable and cultural organizations in our local and regional communities.
      • Maintain a reasonable balance of donations supporting a wide range of organizations.
      Requests may be submitted at any time during the year via our online application below. Please be sure your request is submitted a minimum of eight weeks prior to the event or print deadline for the event's promotional materials.

      Please note that we encourage applications be made online. In order to create a profile and apply for charitable support, you will need an email address. If you do not have one you can sign up for a free account with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail or any other email provider.
    • Care for Big Bear

      Care for Big Bear

      Care for Big Bear is an ongoing sustainability campaign directed by Visit Big Bear to empower our community through the cooperation of local residents and visitors to preserve, protect and unify our natural playground for future generations through education, motivation, and awareness. The Care for Big Bear program focuses on four guiding principles: 1) Care for our community 2) Appreciate our natural environment 3) Respect our neighbors, and 4) Enjoy our valley together.
      Care For Big Bear aims to mitigate the unwanted impacts of increased population and visitation to Big Bear and the surrounding areas – traffic, litter, noise pollution, etc. – through a collective movement and the following guidelines:

      • Be sure any & all trash is packed away to avoid littering.
      • Review and abide by current restrictions and safety precautions pertaining to camping, hunting, fishing, and travel.
      • Preserve the natural environment by sticking to designated trails & roads.
      • Leave the rocks, plants, wildlife, natural materials, and historical landmarks you encounter as you found them.
      • When visiting the mountains, make your decisions in the best interest of the community and those within it.
      Keep the following points in mind when traveling or make them habits at home.

      Reducing Energy Use Will Reduce Carbon Emissions
      • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
      • Use a blanket or wear extra clothing instead of adjusting the thermostat.
      • Unplug unused electronics (including your mobile phone).
      • Take shorter showers, use less hot water.
      • Recycle paper, plastics, glass, and metals whenever possible.
      • Shop with reusable cloth bags instead of single-use plastic or paper bags.
      • Buy locally sourced goods to reduce the energy required to get products to your store.

      Be A Responsible Traveler
      • Use public transportation wherever possible, or walk.
      • Plan ahead. Do several errands in one trip, carpool when possible, and use uncongested routes.
      • Reduce air conditioning use. Use air vents when you can instead of air conditioning.
      • Use cruise control when possible. Sharp braking and accelerating are fuel guzzling habits.
      • Be considerate of the environment in the communities you visit.
      • Don't litter. Carry a trash bag for times when a trash receptacle isn’t available.
      • Pick up trash you find, even if it isn't yours.
      • Use reusable water bottles and food containers.
      • Support the local economy and buy locally. Eat at local restaurants and enjoy local culture!
      Visiting Big Bear Lake is a scenic experience in any season. Winding roads through rolling hills and mountains lead you to a destination worlds apart from the bustling cities below. Wooden sculptures line The Village streets, the smell of fresh pine fills the air, and a town of rustic cabins and local shops welcome your arrival. We welcome visitors year-round to our mountain community, but ask that you treat our home with care by abiding by city ordinances, picking up after yourself, and respecting our wildlife and environment.

      Plan Ahead

      • Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you're visiting, especially camping and fire restrictions.
      • Be prepared for weather hazards and emergency situations.
      • Carry tire chains/cables in your vehicle from November to April as well as a shovel and traction aids like cat litter or gravel.
      • Travel with blankets and water should you become stuck or stranded on mountain highways.
      • Schedule your trip to avoid peak visitation periods. Weekdays and non-holiday times are best.
      • Pack food for your trip as grocery stores tend to be extremely crowded on weekends.
      • Order out during your stay and support local restaurants.
      • Plan your activities prior to your arrival and make reservations if possible to ensure availability.

      Durable Surfaces

      • Durable surfaces include established trails and roads, campsites, rock, and gravel.
      • Protect riparian areas by camping at least 200 feet from lakes and streams.
      • Good campsites are found, not made. Do not alter a site.
      • Do not build structures, furniture, or dig trenches in the wilderness.
      • Keep campsites small and focus activity in areas where vegetation is absent
      • Do not disrupt areas with little or no sign of human impact. Let nature be.
      • If you see areas where the signs of human impact is beginning, avoid the area and let it recover.
      • Do not transport firewood into the Valley from other areas. Firewood Task Force

      Campfires Responsibly

      • Campfires are only permitted in established fire rings at open campgrounds.
      • Buy it where you burn it. Do not transport firewood into the Valley from other areas. Firewood Task Force
      • You must obtain a CA Campfire Permit. Campfire Safety
      Get involved by signing up for an upcoming Care For Big Bear Community Clean-Up.
    • Grant Program

      Established in 2021, the Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation is a public charity created to provide financial support to the members of the communities in which Alterra Mountain Company operates. The Community Foundation is funded by public donations. Currently, the Community Foundation’s focus will be granting emergency relief and hardship assistance to those in need within our mountain communities. The Community Foundation will provide one-time grants to help provide relief to eligible applicants experiencing hardship. Grants are available to members and organizations within the communities surrounding Alterra Mountain Company’s 15 North American destinations.
      • Individuals, organizations, or businesses that are in financially need, deteriorating, or otherwise distressed
      • Individuals temporarily in need of food or shelter when stranded, injured, or lost due to a disaster
      • Individuals temporarily unable to be self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis
      • Individuals in need of assistance with housing, childcare, or educational expenses due to a disaster
      • Individuals in need of assistance due to trauma experienced as a result of a disaster or violent crime
      • Individuals or businesses who may otherwise require government financial support

      Individuals and qualified organizations or businesses applying for grant consideration should be able to document that they are members and/or organizations within the communities surrounding Alterra Mountain Company’s operations and/or destinations served by the Community Foundation (either through residency or employment). Emergency relief and hardship assistance payments must be used by the recipient to provide for basic necessities and expenditures as a result of the hardship or emergency, and recipients may be asked to document such use prior or subsequent to receiving any grant of assistance.
      U.S. and Canadian grant committees have been appointed to review applications within their regions and will determine those eligible to receive assistance grants. Representatives from each of the communities in which the Community Foundation operates will serve as members of the Grant Committee. A Board of Directors will approve grants based upon recommendations from the Grant Committees. Grant recipients will be notified in the manner indicated on their application.

      Community members interested in requesting a grant from the Community Foundation must submit an application form and supporting materials to the Community Foundation by mail or email. Assistance and relief grants are open-ended and include victims of current and future disasters, emergency or hardships due to disasters and emergency situations.

      Grant amounts and durations will be determined based on the duration and severity of the disaster, emergency, or hardship as well as the Community Foundation’s ability to meet the requests of eligible individuals at a given time. The Community Foundation may consider the provision of additional assistance on a case-by-case basis.
      To apply, submit a completed application and any supporting documentation to Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation via email to or via mail addressed to:

      Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation
      3501 Wazee Street, Suite 400
      Denver, CO 80216