Last Chair Alert!

Everything You Need to Know for Closing Day
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Safety Tips
Hydrate Often
Dehydration occurs quicker at high altitude, so drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine when visiting the mountains.

Wear Protected Eyewear
It is important to use proper UV protection for your eyes. The surface of the dirt or water can act as a reflector of UV rays and can generate a great deal of UV exposure to the eyes. Equip yourself and your children with UV sunglasses or goggles. Failure to wear proper eye protection can result in an actual burn of the eye’s surface– a painful condition requiring medical treatment.

UV Index & Avoiding Sun Burns
The average daily maximum UV index in April is 5. A UV Index of 3 to 5 symbolizes a medium health hazard from unsafe exposure. During high-exposure activities such as spring skiing, those with fair skin may experience sunburn after only two hours of sun exposure, even after applying maximum sunscreen protection.
Post up on the sun deck and enjoy live music on Sunday, April 14 while you take in the alpine views during our last weekend of the 23/24 winter season.
Drone photo of Bear Mountain Base Area including sun deck and parking lot.
Parking is free on all Big Bear Mountain Resort lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Overnight parking is prohibited on all Big Bear Mountain Resort parking lots. When arriving into town, follow posted signs and/or staff instructions to be directed to the nearest available parking lot.

24/25 Premium Parking passes will go on sale in June.
All Lift Tickets Expire
The Triple Pack+ can still be used through at least April 21 at Snow Summit. Be sure to also use your 23/24 BBMR Pass Holder Friends & Family lift tickets by closing day*.

*23/24 Dual Season Pass Holder Friends & Family lift tickets may be used for the 2024 summer season. All Ikon Pass Friends & Family lift tickets may be used at other Ikon Pass destinations through other resorts' closing day.
Snow Valley & Snow Summit Closing Days

Snow Valley will close on Sunday, April 14 and Snow Summit will close on Sunday, April 21.

Snow Valley Info

Snow Summit Info