When it comes to snow gear, goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment for skiers and snowboarders, aside from the things that actually slide on the snow. Picking the right pair of goggles involves more than just choosing your favorite color – the frame, fit, and lens you choose can have a major impact on your visibility and overall experience on the mountain.

As Southern California’s home for alpine good times, Big Bear Mountain Resort (BBMR) offers a variety of diverse terrain and weather throughout the season. Whether you prefer fresh powder, mid-season groomers, or softer springtime conditions, the right pair of goggles can make a huge difference when you’re skiing or riding in flat light (i.e., when it’s cloudy, foggy, or snowing) or sunny bluebird days. Visibility can also vary depending on your elevation, so conditions by being different on Geronimo, aka SoCal’s highest lift-served peak (8,805 feet) than the base area (7,000 feet).

So what are the right goggles for you? Keep reading for tips on how to pick the perfect pair for your next trip to the mountain.
All About (Riding) Style

The first thing to do when picking a pair of goggles is to figure out what type of skiing/riding and weather you prefer. Do you typically go out on sunny days, powder days, or anytime you have a chance to get to the mountains? Your skiing/riding style will go a long way to helping you decide which type of snow goggles to get.

Keep in mind, Mother Nature may show up whenever she wants, and conditions on the hill can change rapidly at any time, so be prepared.
Find the Right Frames

There are two types of goggle frames: single-lens and interchangeable. Single-lens goggles only have one lens option, while interchangeable goggles allow you to change lenses as needed using the same frame based on the conditions or type of skiing/riding you plan to do. If you only ski or ride at BBMR on bright, sunny days, you most likely will be fine only using goggles with a dark lens, but if you like to ski or ride in varying conditions, interchangeable lenses are the best option.
Let's Talk About Lens Color

Goggle manufacturers, like our partners at Smith, have developed lens colors and contrast-enhancing technologies that cater to different snow conditions. Check out the chart below to see which lens color is best based on the lighting/snow conditions.

Google lens colors
Grab a Pair

Visit Big Bear Sports, located in the base areas at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, or Snow Valley Sports Shop to pick up a pair of snow goggles today. We carry Oakley, Dragon, Smith, Electric, Von Zipper, Anon, Volcom, and Zeal Optics. Big Bear Mountain Resort and Ikon Base Pass holders received 10% off snow goggles, while Ikon Pass holders receive 15%.
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