Take a Break in the Mountains

Explore Alpine Good Times during Labor Day Weekend
In-Resort Dining
Three dining venues will be open for 2024 Summer operations.

Bighorn Smokehouse: 11AM-4PM
Ironwood Coffee: 8AM-4PM
Skyline Taphouse: 11AM-3PM
Keep Big Bear Beautiful

Big Bear Mountain Resort and the Big Bear community are proud to provide opportunities for visitors to connect with nature and increase awareness about the impact humans have on the natural environment. Please be mindful and practice responsible ecotourism during your next visit to the mountains.

Minimize your impact – Stay on designated trails and pick up any trash you find along your route. Explore responsibly – Give wildlife their space. Do not collect or remove plants, animals, rocks, logs, etc. Respect others – Be courteous to others you encounter and keep dogs on a leash at all times. Think global, buy local – Support local businesses, shops, restaurants, etc. Know before you go – Be aware of the area’s political, environmental, and social climate.

"Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. Ecotourism has a positive impact on both natural areas and the local community." -The International Ecotourism Society