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Locker Rental

Tired of schlepping gear to/from the mountain in your boots? Slopeside equipment storage is convenient, secure and makes getting to first chair a breeze. 



Conveniently located in the base area at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, save time by storing your gear in a seasonal locker. All lockers are available for seasonal use from November through April*. To purchase a seasonal locker, call 844.GO2.BEAR

  • Snow Summit Season Lockers, $369
  • Bear Mountain Season Lockers, $219

*The number of locker spaces are limited and subject to availability. Seasonal lockers are non-refundable and do not include a minimum season duration guarantee.

2020/21 Big Bear Mountain Resort Season Locker Agreement

The term of this Agreement between Customer and Snow Summit, LLC ("BBMR") is one year, from July 1, 2021 thru June 30, 2022 (the "Term"). The renewal locker rental fee shall be paid by June 30, 2021. Payments made after June 30, 2021, shall be subject to a $35 late fee.

At the end of the Term, BBMR may elect to provide Customer the option to renew the Agreement. If Customer does not execute a new locker rental agreement and pay the renewal fee, or vacate the locker, by June 30, 2021, the locker will be deemed abandoned, and BBMR reserves the right to cut the lock and remove the contents.

Customer acknowledges that if the Agreement is cancelled before the end of the Term, if the locker is deemed abandoned, or if the Agreement is otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms herein, BBMR will remove any and all personal property from the locker. BBMR is not liable or responsible to protect or preserve any removed items. BBMR may, in its discretion, make reasonable efforts to hold locker contents for 30 days after removal, and BBMR reserves the right to charge $6 per day to store the removed locker contents. Items not claimed and retrieved by Customer within the 30 day period will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by BBMR.

Except as may otherwise be prohibited by law, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer assumes all risk of loss, damage, theft or vandalism, and BBMR shall not in any way be liable for the protection or preservation of the contents of the season lockers. The locker is not a bank, and the lockers are not safety deposit boxes. No items of extraordinary value should be stored in the locker. No bailment is created by this Agreement, and the relationship hereunder is not of bailor and bailee. In no event shall BBMR’s liability to Customer exceed One Dollar ($1.00).

BBMR shall have the right of entry in and to the locker during the Term, including, without limitation, in the event of an emergency, or in the event of reasonable necessity within BBMR’s discretion. Customer shall indemnify, defend, and hold BBMR, its principals, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and representatives, financially free and harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, damages, claims, or actions of any form or type whatsoever and including, but not limited to, fire, theft, or vandalism, and which may be raised or asserted by Customer or any person making use of the locker, including attorney's fees and costs. Exclusive venue for any legal action shall be San Bernardino County, California.

Customer may not structurally or otherwise modify or alter the locker without the written consent of BBMR, and any damage to the locker will be sufficient cause to revoke this Agreement. Customer agrees to keep and maintain a locking device on the season locker assigned at all times. Failure to do so may result in termination of this Agreement.

This Agreement is not assignable by customer to anyone, and any attempt to assign this Agreement terminates this Agreement.

Customer acknowledges that BBMR may carry out building changes or improvements that require the relocation or removal of the Customer's locker. In the event such improvements occur, BBMR will make reasonable efforts to provide Customer with 15 day notice and an alternate permanent or temporary locker. If Customer does not remove Customer's contents within 15 days, BBMR shall have the right to relocate the locker and/or its contents.

Any revocation or termination of this Agreement by BBMR in accordance with the terms of this Agreement shall be without refund to Customer.

This Agreement is the final expression of the intentions and agreements of the parties. This Agreement supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements, either oral or in writing. No other agreements, representations, inducements, or promises, not contained in this Agreement shall be valid or binding. Any modification of this Agreement shall be effective only if it is in writing and signed by the party to be charged.

All notices to Customer concerning this Agreement shall be sent by email to Customer's email address.


Our daily locker rentals are a safe and secure way to store your equipment for the day, overnight, or all season long. All locker rooms are conveniently located in the Snow Summit and Bear Mountain base areas and monitored 24 hours a day to ensure your gear stays safe.

Locker rentals vary from $10-$15 depending on peak/holiday dates, sizes, and number of days renting. Lockers are not available to purchase/reserve online. Please visit us in-person at the rental shop at Bear Mountain or Snow Summit locker room.

Small (D 16 ¾ “ / H 13 ½ “ / W 12”)
Medium (D 16 ¾ “ / H 17 ¼ “ / W 14”)
Large (D 16 ¾ “ / H 17 ¼ “ / W 15 “)
Ski/Board Equipment Locker (D 17 “ / H 71 “ / W 15 “)