9 Hole | Par 35


Tee Length
Red2,180 Yards
White2,573 Yards
Blue2,783 Yards

Men's Course


Women's Course

  • Rolling Hills
  • Tree-Lined Fairways
  • Bent grass
  • Poa Annua grass
  • Rye Grass
  • Driving Range
  • Putting
  • Chipping Area
Hole 1
blue circleBack: 379 white circleMiddle: 368 red circleForward: 238
The 1st hole at Bear Mountain Golf Course is a relatively straightforward par 4 with open sight lines and boundary hazards on both sides of the fairway. A well-placed drive past the fir trees on the player’s right and private residences on the left will leave a welcoming approach shot to a right-to-left sloped green with front-left bunker.
Hole 2
blue circleBack: 512 white circleMiddle: 470 red circleForward: 238
The first of two par fives, the 2nd hole features a moderately elevated tee box and slight dogleg left finish. Tee shots should avoid the tree-lined hazard to player’s left and boundary line on the right to setup an approach shot or chance to reach the green, which slopes back-to-front with a front side bunker for good measure.
Hole 3
blue circleBack: 344 white circleMiddle: 285 red circleForward: 259
Hole 3 is a par 4 with plenty of fairway to the player’s right and a tree boundary to the left. Players should avoid the extended natural terrain bunker on the left side of the fairway and lateral hazard when approaching the elevated green that slopes slightly back-to-front with a front-right bunker.
Hole 4
blue circleBack: 463 white circleMiddle: 448 red circleForward: 412/401
The second par 5 on the course, the 4th hole features a wide-open fairway and boundary hazards on each side. Wind can be a factor when teeing off from the elevated white and blue boxes, with heavy rough on the left side of the fairway and unattended natural terrain to the right. Players’ 2nd shot should leave a manageable 3rd approach to a relatively level green with a front-right bunker.
Hole 5
blue circleBack: 138 white circleMiddle: 128 red circleForward: 123
The 1st of three par threes, the 5th hole has boundary hazards to the left, right, and rear, and bunkers on both sides of the large, front-to back sloped green.
Hole 6
blue circleBack: 382 white circleMiddle: 361 red circleForward: 333
The 6th hole is a slightly uphill par 4 with tree-lined lateral hazard on the left and boundary on the right. A well-placed tee shot will leave players with a mid-range approach to a moderately rounded green with bunkers on the right and front-left.
Hole 7
blue circleBack: 180 white circleMiddle: 144 red circleForward: 101
A challenging par 3 with undulating terrain and tall fir trees on the right of the multi-tiered putting surface, the 7th hole requires precision off the tee and creativity on the green.
Hole 8
blue circleBack: 133 white circleMiddle: 121/117 red circle Forward: 55
The final par 3 on the course, the 8th hole features the course’s only water hazard. The expansive, multi-tiered green is deceptively demanding, with little room for error on the front side and a front-right bunker for good measure.
Hole 9
blue circleBack: 252 white circleMiddle: 248 red circleForward: 221
Bear Mountain’s finishing hole – the 9th – is a par 4 with boundary hazards on both sides of the fairway and pronounced uphill pitch. From the tee, players must navigate the relatively narrow fairway with fir trees on the player’s right and residences on the left to setup a 2nd shot to the heavily rounded green featuring bunkers on the left and front-right.
Bear Mountain Golf Course Map
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