Please see below if you need to speak to someone about an upcoming reservation or want to learn more about on-site resources available at Snow Valley, Snow Summit, and Bear Mountain.
Patrol with an avalanche dog in training
Contact Patrol for any safety-related issues. If you are on-hill and you do not have access to a phone, inform a lift operator or any uniformed employee of the nature and location of the emergency and a description of any injured persons.

If you are hurt and don't need serious medical attention, visit one of our Patrol offices located at the base and top of our three mountains. To speak to patrol, call Snow Valley 909.936.7272, Snow Summit 909.866.2447, or Bear Mountain 909.866.2447.

Please note, Patrol is open year-round at Snow Valley & Snow Summit and during winter only at Bear Mountain.
Cell phone sitting on yellow mittens
Big Bear Mountain Resort offers free wifi throughout the resort. Connect your wifi to BBMRPublic and accept the terms and conditions.
Snowboarder throwing fresh snow
Lost & Found / Security
Please visit or call our Security offices if you have an emergency or to inquire about any items that may have gone missing during your visit.

Text: Text LOST to 909.378.8783
Call: 909.867.9255

Snow Valley Security is located on the west end of the base area next to the Guest Services on the 2nd floor.

Text LOST to 909.318.2869
Call: 909.366.4944

Snow Summit Security is located on the west end of the base area in the Admin Building, 1st floor.

Text LOST to 909.323.5084
Call: 909.939.7180

Bear Mountain Security is located on the east end of the base area, below the ADA ramp.
Girl getting her snowboard repaired
Tuning & Repair Services
Big Bear Mountain Resort offers tuning and repair services on-site at all three mountains. Ski and snowboard repairs and services are available in the winter at Snow Valley in the Main Lodge near the ground floor indoor lockers, at Snow Summit near the Patrol office and Slopeside Rental Shop, and at Bear Mountain near the base area Rental Shop.

Need to make a quick adjustment to your gear? We offer FREE tool benches with miscellaneous tools for tune-ups. These stations are located near the Tuning & Repair Shop at Snow Valley, the Slopeside Rental Shop and the top of Chair 1 at Snow Summit, and across from the Guest Services office and at the top of Chair 9 at Bear Mountain.
Get your gear tuned up in no time with our Wintersteiger Sigma SBI machine. This state-of-the-art machine is suited for all types of skis and snowboards: camber, rocker, hybrid, carver, all-mountain, freeride, touring, cross-country, telemark and backcountry.

Our Repair Shops are fully equipped to address any number of tuning or repair needs, from delaminations to fully custom tunes. Below is a list of our most popular tuning services. Please visit a shop for more information on any of our services.

Please note, ski & snowboard services are available during winter only.

Maintenance Price
Base Clean $10
Base Grind (includes Base Clean) $15
Stone Grind $25
Machine Wax $15
Iron Wax $30
Edge De-Tune $15
Machine Edge $25

Tune UpsPrice
Hand Tuned Edges$40
Major Tune$49

Ski Calibration$25
Drill Mount, Calibration$50
System Mount, Calibration$40
Snowboard Binding Adjustment$15
Base/Edge Material$10 per inch
Base/Edge LaborDirect Pricing
Bolts & Washers$2
Binding Ladders$15
Basic Strap$25
Demo Strap$30
Overnight Storage + Wax$25

Ikon Pass and BBMR pass holders receive 10% off. To redeem this discount, visit us in-person.
Big Bear Sports building in the snow
Sports Shop
If you forgot something at home, or simply want to treat yourself to some new gear, the Sports Shop at Snow Valley and Big Bear Sports at Snow Summit/Bear Mountain are your one-stop shop for outdoor adventure, featuring the latest gear, as well as BBMR branded apparel, souvenirs, and more. Conveniently located in the base areas of each mountain.

Please note, the Sports Shop at Snow Valley and Big Bear Sports at Snow Summit are open year-round while Big Bear Sports at Bear Mountain is only open during winter.
Base Area Maps
Snow Valley Base Area Map

Snow Valley Base Area Map in the winter with a key legend
Snow Summit Base Area Map

winter base area map of snow summit ski and snowboard resort
Bear Mountain Base Area Map

winter base area map of bear mountain ski and snowboard resort
Snow Valley Summer Base Area Map

summer base area map of snow valley summer operations
Summit Bike Park Base Area Map

Snow Summit Summer Base Area Map
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