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Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Mountain Resort, is a year - round destination for high energy outdoor experiences.Revered for its skiing and snowboarding in the winter and home to Southern California’s only lift - served hiking and mountain biking during the summer months.

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Freestyle Park

What Sets Our Park Apart

With more jumps, jibs & transition then any other resort in Southern California, Bear Mountain has your Terrain Park needs covered. Our nearly 200 acre winter playground offers 4 Pipes (8′, 13′, 18′ & a Jib Pipe), over 100 Snow Features and more Jibs than you’ll know what to do with.

Our Park Development Team is in tune with your progression on all levels & continues to design & build features that are only found here at Bear Mountain.

"The Scene"

"The Scene” is located just out front of the 13,000 sq ft sundeck. Have a drink, grab a bite and then go hike! New freestyle skiing and snowboarding features such as our signature jibs, boxes, rails, logs, & tanks are typically introduced in “The Scene” before they are laid out on the mountain. Park Staff rolls out new creations throughout the season to give you something new to look for each time you hit the snow.

In-ground Superpipe

  • Length: 580 feet
  • Width: 77 feet
  • Walls: 18 feet high

In-ground Standard Halfpipe

  • Length: 400 feet
  • Width: 55 feet
  • Walls: 12 feet high

Multi Skill-level Jumps & Jibs All Around the Mountain

  • Jumps (hips, step-downs, spines, rolls, S-turns, quarterpipes)
  • Jibs (a variety of rails, boxes, wall rides and other custom creations)
  • Signature jumps (hips & step-downs built into natural terrain)
  • The Scene (base area setup of signature jibs, rails & boxes)

World Class Snowmaking

  • Covers 198 acres
  • 100% of developed terrain
  • System can convert up to 6,000 gallons of water per minute into snow
  • 3-5 feet of snow is made on 100% of the developed terrain annually

The Bear Mountain Vibe

The Bear Mountain vibe is contagious. Hit up the hike-able base area park known as “The Scene.” Have a cold beer or a warm drink at Laybacks Bar. The options are endless at this fun & energetic full-service mountain resort.

Still want more? Jump on the Inter-Resort Shuttle & head next door to check out Snow Summit’s Westridge Terrain Park where you can even an amazing night session.

Skill Builder Park

Skill Builder Park

We know what’s important when it comes to building an award winning Terrain Park: Progression.


Red Bull Plaza

Red Bull Plaza

We know what’s important when it comes to building an award winning Terrain Park: Progression.


Terrain Park Safety

Terrain Park Safety

Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others & be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing & snowboarding that common sense & personal awareness can help reduce.