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Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Mountain Resort is a year-round destination for high energy outdoor experiences. Revered for its skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and home to Southern California's only lift-served hiking and mountain biking during the summer months.

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As Southern California’s premier four-season destination, Big Bear Mountain Resort is home to SoCal’s best lift-served bike park with an extensive network of trails and terrain for riders of all disciplines and abilities. Whether you’re new to the mountain bike scene, or a seasoned rider, BBMR is the place to be for all things MTB this summer.


Small Wonder
Modest gravity fed trail (1/2 mi.) with all of the features riders will find in the Bike Park. This trail has an organic single track feel with little pedaling or breaking required. Located at the end of Turtle Trail and accessible from the top of Chair 4. 

Going Green
Top to bottom beginner trail (4 mi.) with gentle, sweeping berms, minimal pedaling or breaking, and picturesque lake views.

Globo Gym
Area with many of the obstacles riders will encounter in the Bike Park, i.e., small, wide, wood features, baby jumps and rollers. Designed for riders to try out rental bikes or warm up before taking on more advanced terrain. 



Dual Slalom
Bracketed, head-to-head races on an identical slope course.

Mulch Jump
Featuring a scaffolding roll-in and two matching take offs – one launches into wood chips and the other sends riders onto a matching dirt landing. Perfect for learning new tricks.

Mini Pump Track
The mini pump track is a great place for kids and beginners to learn the basics of cornering, pumping the terrain and maintaining momentum – all while having fun! This little gem is strider bike compatible.

Average Joes
Shake off the winter blues or learn to hit bigger jumps on our beginner jump line. 



Turtle Trail
A 2.5-mile intermediate trail with big berms, rollers and, beautiful lake views. The perfect progression from Going Green and a great trail for riders to dial in suspension or get used to riding demo/rental bikes.

Fall Line
An off-site trail accessible from the top of Chair 1 or 2 featuring more single track and technical feel with intermediate sections to prepare riders for more advanced trails.



double black diamond icon ALL-NEW! 10-ply
This downhill trail features a mix of technical single-track terrain and natural features, including drops, and rock gardens that are sure to test riders’ skills.

black diamond icon Party Wave
A fast and flowy jump trail that merges with Miracle Mile or Turtle Trail near the bottom. The upper section is chalked full of jumps, bumps, rollers, and berms giving you the option at the bottom to get into the technical features on miracle mile or the flowy turns of turtle.

black diamond icon Westridge
Our signature jump trail with over 45 jump features from top to bottom for a nonstop, action-packed ride.

black diamond icon Miracle Mile
The perfect combination of old school technical terrain with modern day flow and jumps. Fun and fast with tons of features.